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Atlanta Overhead Garage Door

At Atlanta Overhead Garage Door, we are here to take care of all your garage door needs. Whether you desire automatic garage door opener repair, carriage door installation, spring and hinge adjustments or a carport conversion,
we are here to help!

We use only the very best products by the leading manufacturers in the garage door industry. Names like LiftMaster, Sears, Genie, Allstar and more!

We stand behind our products and service 100%!

Atlanta Garage Door Replacement


When shopping for garage doors in Atlanta, GA, there are several factors to consider. Fortunately, the search for Atlanta garage doors and Atlanta custom garage doors doesn’t have to be a futile one. When you consider the different brands of quality doors and services available at modest prices, it quickly ceases to becomes a question of if they are affordable, but rather which one to get.

Your garage is an extension of your home, and how you treat it and present it says a lot about you as a homeowner. The first thing to consider is the quality of door you are putting in. When looking at garage doors, are you looking for a plain door, one with windows or a foam back for insulation? Are you looking for a model that has tiles or a wood grain finish? Also, is this for a double or triple bay garage? What are your requirements on thickness and security? Is this door for show, protection or both? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the door that’s right for you.

In many neighborhoods in Atlanta, automatic garage doors are the standard. These are usually powered by efficient, quiet and reliable engines like Genie and Liftmaster, and can be installed along with your door with relative ease. When you consider that your average garage door weights between 400-600 pounds, having a reliable set of springs and a strong engine behind your door quickly becomes a smart decision.

Also, when choosing your automatic garage door, what kind of automatic garage door opener are you going with. You may want to talk to your neighbors and makes sure you aren’t putting in a product that operates on their frequencies. While rare these days with the number of quality products available in Atlanta, it can happen.

Finally, once you install your garage door, where do you go for Atlanta garage door repair? Many installers will not only put in quality doors and engines, but also offer follow up service to ensure a smooth and flawless operation. Be sure to ask your garage door dealer what their policies are for follow up work on the products they install. Keep in mind, many of the products installed will come with their own manufacturers warranties, and companies will often times carry top products like Genie, Sears, Stanley, LiftMaster and others.

When shopping the Atlanta garage door choices available to you, remember to play it safe, do your homework and go with a dealer that suits your needs.


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