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Atlanta Overhead Garage Door
Atlanta Overhead Garage Door

At Atlanta Overhead Garage Door Service, we are here to take care of all your garage door needs. Whether you desire automatic garage door opener repair, carriage door installation, spring and hinge adjustments or a carport conversion,
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We use only the very best products by the leading manufacturers in the garage door industry. Names like LiftMaster, Sears, Genie, Allstar and more!

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Atlanta Garage Door Repair


One of the last things a homeowner thinks about is their garage door, which is odd considering how often they have to look at it. A garage door is considered a cornerstone of a smoothly running home, as it is dependable, built to last and rarely needs repair work. Still, things happen and everything, no matter how well built can break down. If you live in Georgia and are looking for Atlanta garage door repair help, there are several things you should consider.

First, most major brands for Thomas Garage Door Company openers such as LiftMaster, Genie and Sears, come with a factory warranty. Now, unless you’ve been messing specifically with the products, these warranties should still be intact. Call Atlanta garage door, or better yet, look on the product itself for a number to call as well as a part and serial number to expedite the process.

Second, most often times a problem won’t be with the engine, but with the springs helping to lift the door. Make sure your springs haven’t dislodged from your garage door, and if the door is unable to open, do not attempt to life it yourself. Remember, that door may not look it, but it is easily 500 pounds. Also, don’t try to lift it a little built with a car jack or other home device- the door is heavy and can shift, and you don’t want to be caught doing something dangerous when it does.

Another thing to consider when your door catches or messes up is that it might be off its track, causing it to go too far back or maybe catch early on and not open completely. While this can usually be a simple fix for a repairman, do not try to force the door or overcompensate on the lifting of the door. If it doesn’t want to open, don’t make it open; you run the risk of knocking it clear off its track, which can sometimes be a more costly repair.

Finally, if your door is new, there is always the chance that the outlet for the door has shorted out. Make sure you check the circuit breaker to see if maybe the door lifter accidentally tripped a circuit. Also, if you have other items running off the same plug, this can cause a short as well. It can’t hurt to look, and it would save $$$ and some embarrassment when the repairman arrives.

Remember, your Thomas Garage Door Company custom garage door is built to last for the long haul, and that we have quality repairmen ready to service your door, lifter and all your garage needs. Play it safe, be smart and call a repairman if and when you run into problems with your door.


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