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At Atlanta Overhead Garage Door Services, we are here to take care of all your garage door needs. Whether you desire automatic garage door opener repair, carriage door installation, spring and hinge adjustments or a carport conversion,
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We use only the very best products by the leading manufacturers in the garage door industry. Names like LiftMaster, Sears, Genie, Allstar and more!

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Atlanta Garage Door Installation


When looking to install a garage door in Atlanta, Georgia, there are several different types and styles of door to consider. You need to ask yourself what kind of materials you want, to what style of door do you want to see, to how you want it to open. Whether it’s for a one car garage or a three car bay, these are universal questions for any homeowner.

First off, when putting in your new door, you need to decide if your simply replacing an existing door or going with something 100% new. Some doors simply need new paneling, which others will need new springs (an item that should only be handled by garage door installation specialists). If there’s already a functioning garage door in place, it might save you some time and money to utilize what you already have in place.

Another thing to consider is the lifter for the door. While the names of the lifters out there may imply that they do it all themselves, it is actually the springs that do the lions share. The lifter helps to guide the garage door up, and if you already have a quality lifter in place, you may want to consider the usefulness of putting a new one in versus going with what you have. Remember, this is your decision, so go with what feels right.

While choosing your style of door should come next, there is the question of where you are buying from. Larger chain stores may carry only one or two brands of door, while custom stores may have showrooms devoted to multiple brands of garage door styles. Some will even bring example photos and materials to your home for you to review. Keep in mind as you peruse the selections; the brands will mostly be the same, it is the materials you want to keep a sharp eye on. Do you want wood, or do you not want to deal with bending and warping? Are you going for cheap, or would fiberglass be too flimsy? Do you want insulation with a steel door, or is the cost too much? Each of these should be questions you consider when choosing you custom garage door.

Finally, after you install your door, what if any kind of security system do you want to install? Some providers will recommend a complete home system, while others will focus on garage access. Some will even automatically call the police for you if anything goes wrong. This can also serve as a lifesaver if you are ever trapped in your garage for any reason. While not a required item, choosing a security system to complement your garage can’t hurt.

In the end, it’s your garage and your investment, so go with the choice that feels right for you.

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