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Atlanta Overhead Garage Door
Atlanta Overhead Garage Door

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Atlanta Overhead Garage Door


Choosing your garage door can be an exciting and interesting process. Your garage door style says a lot about your home and helps to accentuate your property, but which style to chose, and what kind of material should you look for? In Atlanta, Georgia there are many different verities of custom garage doors, you just have to choose a style that fits for you

The first that comes to mind, and also one of the most expensive, is the wood garage door. Keep in mind, the wood door isn't so much expensive for the initial purchase, but for the upkeep. Wood is not known for its durability, and as it expands and contracts, you will notice some wear and tear.

Another type of custom garage door to consider is the aluminum garage door. Aluminum is relatively cheap and easy to install, and on top of that it is a relatively light material that can take on a wood fa´┐Żade. The major drawback to aluminum is that it dents easily, and isn't always easy to fix.

A third type of door is the steel garage door. While more expensive, the steel door is considered by many to be the way to go. A steel door is usually guaranteed to never rust, and is considered to be one of the stronger door materials. Also, it can take on the appearance of wood or aluminum if need be. Steel doors can also come heavily insulated, saving you money in the summer and winter on your HVAC bills. The only downsides are the fact that steel is sometimes nearly twice as much as aluminum, it tends to fade and that steel can dent. Also, if you do dent your steel door, you will have a hard time removing that dent.

Now, if you are looking for economy in terms of cost, fiberglass garage doors are also available. These doors are extremely light and cheap, however they tend to crack easily, have poor insulation and can yellow and fade with age. The reason many people choose fiberglass doors regardless of their easily breakable structure is the fact that they won't rust or corrode, which is a plus if you live near the coast.

No matter what kind of door you buy, and no matter what style, there are always lots of Atlanta custom garage door choices out there. Everything from fiberglass to steel grade roll up doors to wood fold up doors and carriage-style doors for a more old world look can be installed for the right price, and remember that if something does happen to your door to call your garage door installer immediately to see if anything can be done for you.

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